PEST3 – “Kickstart learning by teaching!”

On September 23, 2012, in Events, PEST, Software Testing, by Kristjan Uba

Estonian 3rd Context-driven Testers Peer Conference

Date : 23-25 November 2012
Place: Tallinn, Pärnu mnt 139 (detailed description later)
Theme: “Kickstart learning by teaching!”


It is all about teaching testing. Be it teaching testing to new testers, or programmers, manager, students,  etc. It does not have to be about testing in general but could be about a specific area/skill of testing. For example:

  •  How I got business-analytics to do Session Based Testing
  •  How I convinced managers to stop doing silly measurements
  •  How I cleansed developers of bad habits in unit testing
  •  How I failed teaching students in university
  •  How I failed the ISTQB class

In addition to experience story, one needs to present a short testing exercise which should be around 10 minutes in length. It could be a puzzle, trick question, origami, or physical feat, etc as long as it is related to testing skills.


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