Testers Tower Live – Episode 3

On May 27, 2012, in Testers Tower Live, by Kristjan Uba

Third Episode – Hands on testing : Testability tour (Updated link to the retake of the episode).


Last time we talked about lot of test design stuff, this time we are actually looking into one. This is a pilot episode, done live. We are looking into making the content and video quality better.

Black Box – tour based testing – “Testability tour”
Test target is a game: Path of Exile


Links from the show:

The little black book on test design: http://www.thetesteye.com/papers/TheLittleBlackBookOnTestDesign.pdf


Add your questions to the comments, they will get answered! Or send them to live(at)testerstower.com


Original post here:http://kristjanuba.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/testing-challenge/


So you think you can test? Would you dare to accept a testing challenge I’ve made?

It consists of testing a Sudoku solver in an excel file (with macro) (and without viruses or such).

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