Original post here:http://kristjanuba.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/testing-challenge/


So you think you can test? Would you dare to accept a testing challenge I’ve made?

It consists of testing a Sudoku solver in an excel file (with macro) (and without viruses or such).

The goal is written in the file, there is no more context than that, a straightforward challenge.  I would expect this to take around 60 minutes. A bit more if you are unfamiliar with concept of Sudoku.

I would like you to comment your test data (or record your screen if possible), as I would like to show and comment some of them in TesterTower Live show – to demonstrate how different people test and thus share test design ideas. In order to do that I need the excel file back when you are done (with the screen recoding, if possible), email : live (at) testerstower (dot) com

The file is here: sudoku_challenge_v1_1

Happy testing.

If you have any questions, leave them here as comments or send them via email given above.


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