Here we go again!

Date : 16-18 March 2012
Place: Tallinn, Pärnu mnt 139 (detailed description later)
Theme: “Taking one for the team”

This includes (but is not limited to):

  •      inspire, motivate, get-out-of-routine, collaboration, creating synergy
  •      team-leading, defending the team to management, promoting team
  •     creating the team, composing, resizing the team
  •     working in/with off-site team
  •     sharing experience/knowledge/testware with team(members)

This does NOT include:

  •     teaching testing or educating the team members

Mandatory Questions (to be answered):

  •     How does your team fight boredom?   (if you are one-man-army then how do you fight boredom)
  •     What makes your team tick?  (if you are one-man-army then what would make a team tick)
  •     Who are the key members of a team?
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