PEST2 is done with flying colors.

On March 19, 2012, in Events, Learning, PEST, Software Testing, by Kristjan Uba

9 peers from 6 companies  for 2 days with infinite amount of good ideas == PEST2

Not to count the beers and fun.

The experience reports and discussions evolved around test teams. Working in one, managing one or creating one. Following questions started the open season:

  • How does your team fight boredom?   (if you are one-man-army then how do you fight boredom)
  • What makes your team tick?  (if you are one-man-army then what would make a team tick)
  • Who are the key members of a team?

The questions were intentionally vague and resulted  in some excellent responses. More of that in the next post

PEST3 will take place in October and will focus on teaching/coaching testing. Can’t wait.

Read some action-info from twitter.

Official List of Participants

  • Oliver Vilson (Facilitator)
  • Kristjan Uba (Content owner)
  • Rasmus Koorits
  • Ervin Hülp
  • Helena Jeret-Mäe
  • Raimond Sinivee
  • Aare Nurm
  • Ülar Aasmäe
  • Harles Paesüld







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